Women of Purpose

Our women’s ministry (a.k.a. Women Of Purpose) focuses on the 21st Century Woman; Wife, Mother and Minister. We aim to provide women with a Christ centred spiritual, professional and physical development in their relationship with God and others. We build relationships, encourage, and support one another to talk and laugh as we journey through life together.

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This group is for women trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Prayer sessions and counselling are done on adhoc basis for those requesting it. These are therapeutic and provide support for members whilst trusting God for their breakthrough.


Baby Shower is a time that the women of purpose come together top celebrate the goodness of God for his blessing of the fruit of the womb upon any married women who is a member of Harmony Christian Centre. One baby shower is offered and done per family. The baby shower team arranges and organises this event which is usually full of laughter, inspirational word of God, prophetic pronouncement upon the pregnancy, dance, refreshments and the presentation of gifts to support the woman as she steps into motherhood.


This group meets regularly to pray for all pregnant women right from conception till they deliver their babies. We believe in the role of prayer in upholding a pregnancy.

W.O.P. generally organises meetings as required where the word of God is ministered and topical issues relating to women and life generally are discussed with workshops and practical exercises.