Men of Distinction

The men’s ministry in our church known as Men of Distinction consist of single and married men above the age of 25 years.

MOD helps men apply themselves to Godly principles as good role models, conduct their lives with legacy in mind, extend the frontiers of endeavours and become reliable restorers in the community.

The society has always placed unrealistic expectations on the concept of manhood which is unsustainable and unsupported by the scriptures. Most men live their life never able to properly express their pains, fears and tears because if they do, they are seen as weak. They therefore always strive to project an image that says, ‘I’m okay.’ Privately however, they may be battling huge inner turmoil and conflict.

Without healthy outlets and relationships to turn to, they soon turn to alcohol, drug addiction/abuse and sexual immorality like pornography etc for temporary relieve. They are like a sheep isolated from the pack that soon becomes dinner for a prowling lion. At the Men of Distinction you will find men watching out for each other, and caring enough to confront one another in a Godly manner.

Have you experienced a similar burden with specific examples or do you have a view on this?

Join us at MOD Breakfast Fellowship and share your views.

Our goal is to help men understand and apply themselves to Godly principles and values from a man’s unique perspective so they can attain their full potentials and become reliable restorers in the community.