Married Couples

A quarterly interactive session held for married couples to come and openly discuss issues relating to managing a family. This includes financial concerns, dealing with extended family members, in-laws, children, social life etc.

It also involves developing relationships between families in the church, with a view to learn from, or encourage each other in areas where a family may be experiencing problems, or they excel. Discussion are held using actual case studies, or scenario that depicts real life situation and which is usually applicable to all families, both the newly weds and those who have long been married.

Beyond the group counselling opportunity the couple’s offers, it also creates an avenue for all families to fellowship with one another, especially when we go out on dinners, or boat cruise.

A community is as good as the families that make it up. The couple’s forum strives to enhance the quality of life in the community as a whole, which is why we are keen on ensuring that each family achieves it God given goal in all areas of a marriage.