Other Community Activities

HCC places an importance on reaching out and bringing about positive transformation in its local community. Our approach is simplified by the H.E.L.P which we render:

H - Historical & Qualitative analysis of the community problems

E- Engage people in grass root programmes and services to provide relief.

L - Lift up the individuals out of the “victim” mindset by Retraining and offering opportunities

P - Partner with the local governments officials, community leaders & other groups with similar goals to facilitate service delivery, jointly formulate policies or simply to commend their efforts in creating a better community.


This strategic approach is informed by our vision and core values which places emphasis on the need to reach out to those around us. We use our gifts to restore hope to the hopeless, employing mentoring steps to nurture most especially the youth back into becoming good citizens in the community.

We provide voluntary job opportunities, specialised training in relevant employable and social skills for youth excluded from schools or individuals with disadvantaged employment history. In general, we provide a holistic approach to the issues presented.