You are a solution to somebody's problem.

The fervent prayers and generous financial support of Harmony Christian Ministries Dominion Partners is having tremendous global impact, and raising millions who are limited by life and spiritual circumstances.

Through our commitment to global transformation, medical personnel, youth workers and missionaries are sent out regularly to help in the rural villages of developing countries – Asia and Africa.

Bringing several villages to a central location in a nearby town, we partner with local Ministries as ground staff, cater for several thousands of needy, sick and frail elderly people for a week long mission. We provide food stuffs, farming tools, food banks; dig bore holes, set up mobile clinic with fully stocked medication, organize skills and leadership seminars, special ministrations even as we share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.

You also could help transform your world, touching one person at a time. Your voluntary contribution today towards our next Mission trip will be a solution to somebody’s misery. No contribution is too small or too much. (Matt. 25:36.)

By supporting us you share in the reward of our labour and the grace that God placed on us to raise people above every ungodly limits.

Our aim is to adopt a village for Jesus in Asia, Africa and Latin America, bringing in the full governmental aspects of God’s Kingdom in place.