Harmony Clinic

harmonyclinicpageHarmony Clinic is a subsidiary of HCC Concord house. Our vision is to provide easily accessible healthcare to the unreached population. We are committed to working jointly as partners with other local agencies to improve the health and wellbeing of local people.

Health awareness activities like seminars and campaigns on prevalent diseases, and healthy eating and lifestyle are also held for the benefit of our local community. The Clinic is currently based in Concord house. Services offered include free exercise sessions, screening, health promotion, outreach and in the near future diagnostic procedures. These services are provided by a team of over 30 volunteers made up of Nurses, Pharmacists, Health care assistants, midwives and Doctors.

We partner with local hospitals, doctors and medical team to provide free treatment for some villages in developing nations, where ordinarily the people are deprived of access to good medical treatments. In future, we will build fully functioning clinics and hospitals in some of these countries. For more information, visit, http://www.concordhouse.org.uk/harmony-clinic.html