How Can Harmony Help Me Grow

howcanharmonyhelpmegrowpageYou probably started your spiritual journey by exploring the claims of Jesus Christ. “Is he who he says he was? How can I be sure? What does it mean for me?” Once you’ve made a decision to follow Christ, you embark on a life-long journey, growing in your relationship with God and with others. Harmony Christian Centre is committed to partnering with you as you move forward on your spiritual journey, providing tools to help you take next steps:

Special Training Classes at HCC
We offer a wide variety of classes that offer content covering a wide span of spiritual development. Training programmes are designed to help build a strong Christian foundation and progress the individual into spiritual maturity & leadership mind-set in the Community.

HCC Care Centres (a.k.a Home Churches)
Everything in life is sustained by relevant connection. Being in relationship is vital for your spiritual journey. From getting together with others as you explore the claims of the Scriptures, to gathering with others to develop relationships while studying together. HCC Care Centres and other affinity groups provide a place for you to grow and share in your journey. Click here to find the nearest care Centre to you.